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Building Apps Has Never Been Simpler!

We offer a very easy-to-use open source platform that gives you the power to Create, Host and Manage Your Apps.

With our cloud App Backend, it becomes easier for developers to set up, use and operate a cloud backend for their mobile and web apps. In other words, it provides you with an application development platform in the cloud, allows you focus more on the frontend and enhance user experience, as the backend is being taken care of by us.

Built on Facebook Parse Server

Parse Server is an open source Backend-as-a-Service(BaaS) framework initially developed by Facebook. The platform now has an active and robust community of fanatical developers who constantly innovate and strive to improve the already impressive and modular platform. Below are some of the amazing and most useful features of Parse Server.

Advanced Parse Server

We enriched the open source version of parse server with a wide set of features and upgrades, that will enhance the development phase like Advanced Push notifications, Real time Push Conversion Tracking, Push Automation on Event and more.

Super Performance

Our Hosted Parse servers are backend by AWS + Kubernetes benefits without any hassles, like auto-scaling, automated backups and more…

Advanced Parse Server platform
parse server on gethub

Cross platform

Whether your are creating a Mobile App, or building for Desktop you are able to code for all platforms with the great parse open source SDKs.

Powerful Support

Enjoy the support of the parse big community with a reach documentation and a lot of parse server project examples.


push-notification Icon
Push Notification Tool

Push notification techniques with ease to user composer, and emoji support for higher conversion

Parse Server Dashboard

Maintain your app’s characteristics and effectively manage your push notification campaigns

background-jobs icon
Background Jobs

Schedule specific routines to run on your app background

Social login

Connect your users via traditional logins or third party social networks with just a few lines of code.

Push Configuration

Set up the entire configuration. Create, send, and segment

Cloud Code Tool

For complex apps, sometimes you just need a bit of logic that isn’t running on a mobile device.Cloud Code makes this possible.

Automatic Emails

Get in touch with your users directly after they sign up, by sending them automatic verification and welcome emails.

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Our Mobile Marketing Features

Mobile Attribuion, Deep Linking, Google SEO for your app, on top of Parse Server.

The Most Advanced Parse Server

our great and reliable Mobile Backend as a Service Platform, based on the top of Parse Server, In addition to The parse server basic features we have build many other powerful and great addon features, Not just that!
We offer you a completely parse hosting platform to scale your app without struggling!

More Advanced Push Notification Tool

Push notification techniques with ease to user composer, and emoji support for higher conversion and user interaction.

Real time Conversion Tracking

thanks to SDK , stay informed of user flow and make further improvements based on detailed real time conversion metrics like received,dismissed and conversion.

Push On Event

Increase marketing relevance by running automated behavior-based push campaigns , thanks to Automator

Robust Rest API

automate campaigns and one 2 one notifications with integration with your system via our Rest API.

advanced parse server with appgain

Establish Your App

You can create your app and use a powerful dashboard to handle your data and view your app analytics, manage push notifications and build and control your data model using the great parse dashboard.

Simple User Management

Most of apps today depends on the idea of user accounts to let them access their information in a private way, you can handle this part very simple by parse server as it provides a specific user class called PFUser that auto-handle a lot of the required functionalities for managing user accounts,
You can easily create in the SDKs. it offers a very strong system for user management that manipulate many things like signing up, email verification and a lot more…

parse dashboard for Ikhair use-case
Parse Server open-source-platforms

Multiple SDKs

Building a standalone product? Or a Multiple one? , Never mind… whatever the platform your building for, Parse server will provide you the SDKs that you need to have a great cross-platform experience Web,Mobile, Desktop or even IoT, our SDK has a flexibility that you will impressed about!

Config parameters

Parse server offers one of the easiest ways to save the parameters of your app, which make you able to updating them on the go!

Don’t hesitate parse server saving configurations among the binary of your app which means that the changes that you make for your config will never require a new app release!


Now instantly about any events on your app! Just define a URL to be able to receive a POST that connected with a trigger to set of what a cloud function is called, this will keep you always updated with any app events!

Parse Geo queries

The great Parse Server make you able to connect real latitude and longitude coordinates of the world with an object, this give you the ability to figure out things like which users are close to other users or which users are closest to a specific user by using parse geo located commands.